Food and Beverage

It is easy to see what’s trendy by looking at what young couples holding in their hands walking down Nguyen Hue pedestrian street: milk tea, or more specific Taiwanese style milk tea. Besides, popular Vietnamese street foods are always around. The street vendors supply cold bottles of soft drinks and waters to every taste. However, convenient stores provides more options, at least a place for couples to stop by and killing some more time together. Some people prefer sheltered places with seats, especially during this rainy season. Milk tea shops in the area are full all night. I’d love McDonald here. There is a large balcony to sit looking down the street scene at Mc on Nguyen Hue. Mc is way cheaper than Starbucks and Coffee Beans with closer seats to the sidewalk, some small landscape design, and super friendly staffs. Of course, you get what you pay for.




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