The beginning

This was where I started it, taken somewhere near Takashimaya while I was heading to Bitexco tower, probably in Ton That Thiep street.

I was carrying my bulky 5D MarkIII hesitating to do street photography with it. Putting up the camera’s viewfinder to my eye would be so obvious and people would notice it and start to act differently. Somebody might even make a scene.

However, I was bored and I wanted to shoot. So I kept my camera at the hip’s level, turning the lens focus to manual mode, and walked shooting any couple I noticed.

Many images were blurred by motion blur and out-of-focus blur. I hated myself for those unsuccessful manual focusing, but hey some images looked really interesting and I’d love to keep them, so I moved on for more. I headed to Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. A huge crowd was there for a big public fashion event. “Oh good!” I was excited.

People have always been my favorite subjects, especially couples!

It was then I found the idea for a new photographic project. It would be something about couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, both romantic and non romantic. All of these thoughts sparkled in me head while practicing the new technique: “Why couples?” I have found the answer.

I took hundreds of shots during two hours. I failed like 80% of them, but I didn’t give a f*ck any more. I was enjoying the scene.

I’m so excited with this new project. “1+1”, or “1 cá»™ng 1” (Vietnamese).


Ton That Thiep St., Saigon. 21.10.2017
At the crossroad of Ho Tung Mau and Huynh Thuc Khang St., Saigon. 21.10.2017
At the entrance to the pedestrian zone, Saigon. 21.10.2017

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